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Searching for Edison Phonograph? The phonograph, sometimes called a record player gramophone was a hugley popular device for playing recorded sound from the late 19th century through to the 1980's. Edison phongraphs were the original type of player and were hugely popular from 1989 to around 1918, when they were mass-produced. As such, there are some valuable and rare models, however most models are less so. Current Edison Phonographs on eBay are available below:

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Edison phonographs are available in many models, varying in rarity, as below:


  • Edison Standard Phonograph
  • Edison Home Phonograph
  • Edison Gem Phonograph

Still common, but less so than the above

  • Edison Fireside Phonograph
  • Edison Triumph Phonograph

Less common, fairly rare

  • Edison Concert Phonograph
  • Edison Opera Phonograph

Most rare

  • Edison Class M and Edison Electrics
  • Edison Idealia

The most common type of Edison Phonograph is the outside horn cylinder variety. The Spring Motor Phonograph, first produced in 1896 was an example of an earlier, which later evolved into a machine called the Triumph. The Home model, produced from late 1896 in turn became the Standard model. Edison's later models were less popular than the earlier models, mostly due to the introduction of competing products from other manufacturers.

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